SEO Alliance in Malaysia

Date Added: June 28, 2012 09:30:16 PM
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Category: Search Engines

7 years ago, there is less than 5 companies in Malaysia were doing SEO, and  Maximus is one of the pioneer. One of the founder and also the SEO expert, James was the person-behind-scene that doing SEO for some well-known companies, including Webnic, the leading domain registrar in Malaysia.


Along the road, James started to know some friends who are doing SEO too. Including Eric from Ericanfly , Benedic from Nuweb and more.  IN 2012 , In view of there is many so called SEO experts (and in fact outsource the jobs to India) in Malaysia, James initiate to form a strategic alliance to do SEO in Malaysia.


The reason to form the alliance is simple :  Synergize the knowledge and experiences on SEO and serve the clients better. More importantly , educated the client to prevent being cheated by so call SEO experts.

James also start to write blog on to share his knowledge and experiences.



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