Plastic Bag And Stretch Film Manufacturer

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TGP, short for Thong Guan Plastic & Paper Industries, had a humble beginning in a small town where its initial operations were in packaging and trading tea and coffee.

Founded in 1942 by the late Mr Ang Thong Guan with a mere RM50.00 capital, the company expanded into a trading operation with the establishment of a fleet of vans distributing its tea and coffee and other consumable items including plastic products to local markets. With the ready market from its trading operations, Thong Guan ventured into the manufacturing of plastic products with raffia string and drinking straw in the 1960s.

In the 1970s, due to the small local market and limited distribution channels, we went on a diversification spree which saw us extending our manufacturing product range to include plastic rope, plastic bags and stretch film, paper serviette and cologne paper towels, biodegradable stretch film and more.

In 1997, we were listed on the Second Board of the KLSE. In the same year, we started the manufacturing of pallet stretch film. By the year 2000, we were the largest producer of cast pallet stretch film in South East Asia and one of the biggest in Asia-Pacific. By 2002, the Company was listed on the main board of the KLSE.

Today, TGP is one of the largest producers of cast pallet stretch film in the Asia Pacific with annual production output in excess of 85,000 metric tons.



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